Gourmet Tea


Powerful antioxidant 

Blood Pressure

Cancer Prevention

Cholesterol Reduction

Antibacterial & Antiviral


Fairy Tale – fruit infusion, peach & strawberry, refreshing tea, smooth & sweet taste

Lemon Grass Ginger & Goji Berry – This is a perfect tangy combination of lemon grass & ginger combined with goji berry , creating a taste sensation that you might not expect from a tea! This mouth watering explosion of flavours is perfect if you need a little pick me up, thanks to the exotic combo of exciting flavours.

Rooibos Chocolate – Naturally sweet, with fragrance that is similiar to honey. Combined with the velvet sweetness of chocolate & vanilla pieces.

Safari Sunrise – This blend of rooibos tea with rose, marigold & cornflower petals complemented with sweetness of strawberry. Together, they blend to create a colourful infusion. It is a refreshing tea with a sweet tatse & satin smoothness.

Golden Wattle – This blend of high grade black tea mixed with rosehip & cinnamon chips,rose flower petals & refreshing mint leaves complimented with chocolate & vanilla. Together , they blend & create a colourful infusion that is refreshing, has a sweet taste & satin smoothness.

Red Square – This blend of high grade black tea with rosella, safflower & cornflower petals complimented with goji berry & natural mango essence. Together they blend to create a colourful refreshing infusion. It has a sweet taste & satin smoothness.