Organic English Breakfast 50g




This is a new take on the classic English black tea offering a robust, full-bodied and rich flavour with slight floral undertones. Some people prefer their Organic English Breakfast Tea weak while others strong – it is completely up to you! There are various different blends of this Organic English Breakfast tea and it is generally thought to be an all-round crowd pleaser, making it a must have tea in any kitchen.

Drinking black tea has been shown to help reduce the constriction of blood vessels after the consumption of a high-fat meal. Evidence also suggests that it restricts the growth of tumours, fights bad breath and improves the skin by giving a more youthful and fresh glow. Black tea is also thought to protect against Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and even help in the recovery of a heart attack.

1 tsp per cup infuse 3-5mins.



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